Webinars and eLearning

Workplace Wellbeing & Stress Summit 2012 webinars

Stress at work and general employee wellbeing are topics that have moved up the HR agenda in the last few years.

Our lastest webinars are taken from Symposium Event’s Workplace Wellbeing & Stress Summit 2012. The event was designed to offer HR, OH and Health and Wellbeing professionals the chance to uncover both the strategic and practical elements of implementing wellness programmes, as well as giving you the tools needed to boost wellbeing and create a healthy culture in your own organisation.

Graduate Recruitment and Development Forum 2013

Graduate Recruitment Forum

Our latest conference webinar is Symposium Event’s Graduate Recruitment and Development Forum 2013.

The forum offered HR and recruitment professionals, responsible for hiring and developing graduates, strategic and practical elements for implementing a successful and innovative graduate programme. In addition to offering the tools and knowledge needed to attract the best graduate talent and keep them engaged throughout the programme.

Talent Management & Leadership Development Summit 2012

Talent Management 2012: Introduction by Chair

Our first conference webinar is based on Symposium Event’s Talent Management & Leadership Development Summit 2012. The conference was held in London on Tuesday 23rd October 2012.

We recorded the event live and have created the webinar to play the audio over the slide presentations as a streaming video. This way, you can hear the presenter explain their slides exactly as if you were at the event!