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Nicola Millard, BT futurologist

“Technology can change the way that we work, but actually how do we change the behaviours that go around that?” – Dr Nicola Millard

We’re very excited to announce that Dr Nicola Millard, who heads up Customer Insight & Futures in BT’s Global Innovation Team, will speak at the Health @ Work Summit on June 11.

Nicola combines psychology with futurology to try and anticipate what might be lying around the corner for both customers and organisations. With a PhD from Lancaster University, she published her first book in 2009, and has appeared on the BBC and Channel 4, as well as TV in Australia, South Africa, Turkey and Dubai. 

Nicola has worked for BT for 24 years and has been involved with a number of BT “firsts” including the first application of intelligent systems into BT’s call centres and BT’s initial experimentation with home working.

When she’s not doing all that, Nicola’s running workshops and presenting at conferences, so we’re really pleased to have pinned her down to speak at Health @ Work. Her presentation will take this format:

Future work trends; managing agile working

  • The end of the 9-5
  • Benefits on employee wellbeing
  • Managing binge working and redrawing boundaries with technology

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