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Rachel is director of Yoke Consultancy, a leading wellbeing consultancy. As an expert in the field, she works with UK companies to help them empower their people with wellbeing. Yoke specialises in helping you understand what wellbeing actually means to your people and how best to improve it sustainably. If you want to learn more, please email: [email protected]

Embedding mindfulness into daily life

This month sees the highest number of google searches ever recorded for the term “Mindfulness.”

Mindfulness remains a big deal, with the flurry of media attention continuing to grow year on year.

However, despite this popularity how many of us really understand what it’s all about. And perhaps more importantly how to integrate it into our working life?

Are you a wellbeing leader or a laggard?

Wellbeing is here to stay.

As busy HR execs you know it’s important. The business case is well cited and you are aware that some of your competitors are moving forward quicker than others. It’s something you’d like to spend more time on, but as ever divergent priorities pop up, and it’s a challenge to make it happen.