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Paul has a background in business development, marketing, public relations and consulting, in addition to event management. After starting work in advertising in 1989, Paul moved into PR where he specialised in B2B communications for business services providers such as leading consultants KPMG and Cap Gemini. He also worked representing trade associations, accounting and law firms and software providers. Having moved into events during the 1990's, Paul set up Symposium Events in 2003 to focus on conference production and the provision of information to the HR sector. In his personal life, Paul is a practitioner of Japanese fencing (Kendo). He has also been active in politics, standing for Parliament in 1997 as the Conservative candidate for Preston in Lancashire.

Transforming the Organisation: Organisation Development

Transforming the Oganisation: Organisation Development

Techniques, tools and experiences for developing appropriate and effective organisation structures and design. The workshop will also consider how each of the areas of organisation design are currently being influenced by changes in the business environment, workforce requirements and other factors and how these are likely to affect organisations in the future.

The case for digitising and socialising HR

Talent has gone digital – even great-grandparents are Skyping, texting, tweeting and checking into Facebook.

If the baby boomers and even the veterans are doing it why aren’t contemporary HR professionals? According to Cap Gemini, 75% of leaders in HR and talent management say their companies are behind the curve in the use of internal and social networking sites.

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Paul, welcome to HR Update #41

James Marsh

Over recent months we have heard a lot about the levels of productivity in the UK, but our regular blog from The Stress Management Society asks if more productivity is really a good thing?

The HR Headmistress Kate Russell returns to assess whether HR considers social media an opportunity or a threat, plus our branding expert Paul Hitchens shares his take-aways from our Employee Engagement Summit in London last week.

We announce a new speaker for our [email protected] conference in June, plus highlight how you could win a FREE place to ProGlobal 2015, the UK’s leading expatriate and global mobility forum, in July.

Happy HR reading to you all. 

James Marsh
Head of HR Consulting, Symposium

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