Earn money as a Symposium Affiliate

Become a Symposium Affiliate

Download the flyer on “Becoming a Symposium Affiliate” – click image above.

If you have access to HR decision makers – as a publisher, blogger, supplier, podcaster, YouTuber or tweeter, for example – you can earn money recommending our events and webinars to your readers, viewers and listeners.

We pay 10% commission on sales generated by our affiliates.  All you need to do is link to our site!

Simply join our affiliate scheme, and link to our site using the special URLs we will provide and any visitors to our site will be automatically tracked and linked to your account.  If they make a purchase, then you’ll earn a commission.

How much can you earn?  Well, a place at one of our conferences can cost £300-£600 pounds – so 10% would be £30-£60 for a single sale!

Get started now, and you can be earning in minutes!

Visit our Affiliate Area to join up.

Access a range of event banners and artwork for use on your website in the Affiliate Banners page.

You can promote our products and earn commission in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Use the affiliate URL directly in an email.
  • Use the affiliate URL in a tweet.
  • Use the affiliate link in an HTML email.
  • Use the affiliate link in a post.
  • Embed the affiliate banner in an HTML email.
  • Embed the affiliate banner on a site.