About Us

Symposium Corporate Brochure

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Symposium is the trading name of Black and White Trading Ltd.

Symposium’s mission is:

“To enable decision makers to develop people strategy to drive their organisation forward by creating professional and authoritative channels for communication, conversation and collaboration”.

To achieve this mission, we:

  • Organise conferences
  • Deliver training – in-house and open courses
  • Produce webinars and online learning materials
  • Publish magazines
  • Provide HR consultancy services

We are the UK’s leading independent producer of conferences for HR and related professions with dozens of events planned each year.  Our conferences target delegates with interests in:

  • HR Strategy & Practice
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Health & Safety
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Employment Law
  • Training & Development
  • Diversity & Equality
  • Branding


What does “Symposium” mean?

Some people find the word hard to pronounce (try Sim-pose-eum) and ask us what it means.

In ancient Greece, the symposium was a drinking party. It was a forum to debate, plot, boast, or simply to revel with others. Attendees might also compete in rhetorical (speech giving) contests.  It is for this reason the word “symposium” has come to refer, in English, to any event where multiple speeches are made – such as a seminar, forum or conference.

The most famous symposium of all time, was described in Plato’s dialogue “The Symposium” where the discussion concerns itself with the genesis, purpose and nature of love.  If you are really interested, you can listen to BBC Radio 4’s ‘In Our Time’ programme on Plato’s Symposium here.


Guests at an ancient Greek symposium seated on double couches, drinking and debating.