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Dr. Dragos Bratasanu, a Romanian scientist, explorer and motivational speaker has released a new inspiring video that helps pick you from the hectic complex world in which we live and helps you get set on track on the right career path and boosts you far along it. 

‘The Amazing You’, is his encouraging video which hosts a variety of professionals who have managed to wade through the career clutter of work-life and land their dream job. Such successful individuals include guitarists Steve Vai, Gregg Baden, multiple NASA professionals and the makers of Angry Birds. This isn’t just a case of the lucky few that got the right opportunity and ‘good luck ‘ in life to live a so called ‘successful career’. It’s about utilising a new perspective finding enjoyment which is not a job but a state of mind. Meaning that you do not have to necessarily change job or position but rather change your outlook.

Dragos Bratasanu and his inspiring team teach that life is not about getting what you want from the world, but thinking what skills, knowledge and talents do I have that I can use to give back to the world. This reverse of outlook opens the heart and mind to help find new possibilities and also transform you day job into an activity of enjoyment. In that regard:

‘you never have to work a day in your life’.

But that’s not all. ‘The Amazing You’ teaches a myriad of techniques and new perspectives to contemplate and take on board to get the right job or transform the one you have because and employee who loves their job is one who is engaged and motivated. 

The video sells for £197. More details or to purchase this video see our here.