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Find a space and sit quietly – do some deep abdominal breathing and just listen and feel without judgement of the temperature/rain/humidity etc

Summer can be a very positive time for many people with lighter nights, warm balmy days, warm rain, summer holidays and outdoor living.  If you are a positive thinking person you will maximise on these aspects of summer.  If you are a negative thinking person you will show concerns about security of open windows, increased flies and stinging insects as well as warm sticky disturbed nights and hot smothering days.

Here are a few tips to help maximise on summer:

  1.  If you are a working parent, get your childcare organised early.  Explore holidays for children – adventure experiences and holiday camps; encourage independence and space to develop mature thinking.
  2. Explore free child places for younger children on family holidays
  3. If you have a student in the family, encourage them to get a job or internship to help independence and responsibility by tackling student debt head on they may also have some money in the bank to pay for books etc and the odd night out.
  4. If you have a pet or pets, book them into kennels, cattery, pet minder, in plenty of time to cover your and their holiday.
  5. If you have a garden or veranda create a space to relax for barbecues, sitting, eating…whatever works for you, so you can maximise on outdoor living.  If you dislike sharing this time with buzzy insects you could Invest in a few pots of insect repellent plants – catnip. citronella, oregano, garlic, chives or an insect repellent candle.
  6. On the same topic, if you are out and about you may find it helpful to take an insect repellent bracelet or spray.
  7. Take the opportunity to do something different – try a new out-door game/sport, explore historical sites, learn about the healing power of herbs and spices, explore relaxing therapies and make new acquaintances.
  8. Have fun with your family – take time to visit and take out elderly relatives and share some time with the younger members – play their games and learn their new ways.
  9. Find a space and sit quietly – do some deep abdominal breathing and just listen and feel without judgement of the temperature/rain/humidity etc., for as long as feels comfortable.





Ann McCracken is a Director of AMC2 and the vice president of the International Management Association (ISMA UK) – the professional body for stress management Practitioners.

She specialises in developing a positive and resilient working culture in organisations by introducing effective strategies in performance and wellbeing at all levels. The effectiveness of such a positive working culture is measured and assessed using AMC2 Corporate Diagnostic innovative surveys which include measurement of psychosocial factors, stress and wellbeing. Having initially trained as a scientist, she carried out research with DEFRA and consultancy in the NHS.

She spent 10 years in Education before retraining as a stress management practitioner in 1996. She is the author of Stress Gremlins©, regularly writes/broadcasts and is an external lecturer at Westminster University. She is also a Key Note/Motivational speaker/Conference Chair.

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