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Improve the effectiveness of your Employer Brand Strategy with seven vital themes:

  • Purpose
    How does your brand make the world a better place? A strong sense of purpose attracts employees, suppliers and customers and helps brands outperform market competitors. Bold brands stand for something much bigger than their business category; they take a stance and appeal to like-minded individuals.
  • Tribes
    Brand Tribes are groups of like-minded people from inside and outside the organisation who share a common connection through the brand and its purpose. Socially connected brands engage with their demographic through events and online activities to provide a platform for shared experience and advocacy.
  • Storytelling
    Since time began we have traded stories designed to exchange messages that are charged with moral meaning. Leading brands have a strategic narrative that enables engaging stories, myths and legends to be built around their purpose and evangelise their message. Stories are exchanged by brand advocates and awareness of the brand grows organically from peer to peer.
  • Engagement
    Brands are only as good as their people and so it is essential to build an engaged culture that shares the brands values and behaves consistently. An effective Employer Brand attracts and retains the type of people it wants and needs. Marketers and HR Managers must collaborate and work together to realise the brand’s potential and grow a corporate culture where everyone shares in a united sense of purpose and becomes an ambassador.
  • Disruption
    Where markets have become stale or filled with generic or similar brands, there is an opportunity to turn the space on its head and offer a clear point of difference. Employer Brand Managers fight the status quo if their brand is to flourish and deliver on its promise.
  • Convergence
    The lines between management disciplines and corporate departments are blurring. Effective Brand Managers must work across these silos and bridge the divide with a holistic approach to managing their brand. Customers are now experiencing brands on their own terms in both the real and online world. Effective Employer Brands are built by organisations that align the brand experience with the brand strategy at every touchpoint.
  • Authenticity
    Brands often fail because they over promise or pretend to be something they are not. Authenticity in thought, word and deed is essential or the truth will out. Provenance is a vital part of the brand narrative and can provide inspiration for storytelling and insights to share the experience and ideology of the brand. Most people want to feel that they are a part of something special that they can contribute to.

In a competitive market, employees will take great care in how they invest their time and career. Is your brand making its presence felt through ethos, culture and values? Are you offering something more than just a salary?

If you are interested in building a compelling Employer Brand please join me for the next Employer Branding Course at Symposium Training.

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Speaker, author and branding guru, Paul Hitchens, will share his key insights into how your employer brands can be managed and enhanced at this workshop

Paul Hitchens is the Author of ‘Create the Perfect Brand’, a ‘Teach Yourself’ guidebook to branding. He has extensive experience in branding, including manufacturing and service brands. He has created and implemented many brands for new business ventures, start-ups and established organisations. Following a successful agency career that included an award-winning recruitment campaign at the PA Consulting Group and Automotive Branding at Wolf-Olins, he became a founding partner of the Brand Consultancy Verve Interactive Ltd.

Paul is a course director with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has lectured at The Henley Business School, presenting the brand module for the MSc in Strategic Marketing Leadership. He has contributed articles on branding to business journals including Management Today and Start Your Business Magazine and has been interviewed on both Television and Radio regarding brands.

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