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Do you want your organisation to be viewed as a generic employer? Do you care if your company is invisible to ideal employees? The vitality of any brand depends on attracting and retaining the best talent to engage with the brand narrative through fulfilling roles.

A strong employer brand offers a unique employment experience that is designed to appeal to individuals who share the organization’s values and are therefore predisposed to flourish within its culture. A company with a strong employer brand is an organisation that has earned a reputation as a desirable place to work. Employers and the human resources department have a vital role to play in building a brand by hiring people who will contribute to the brand’s culture and live its values. Put simply, conscientious, engaged employees who exemplify the brand proposition deliver the best brand experiences.

The effective Employer Brand Manager must know their brand’s true purpose inside and out. It all begins with a simple question: How do you make the world a better place? What need do you fulfil? Every organisation, product or service must have a ‘reason for being’ – so identify what your brand’s purpose is and the benefit that it provides, making sure its clear and easy to understand.

‘7 things every Employer Brand Manager needs to know:

Champion an exciting idea of the brand’s future that can be understood and shared by every stakeholder. Can your employees and customers visualise their part in this future? Do they feel motivated to realise this dream? The vision must be measurable and achievable and it is important to celebrate its accomplishment and be ready to set new goals.

Have clarity regarding the core values that provide the organisation’s moral dimension and give the brand an attitude.  Values provide an ethical navigation system that equips employees with a code of conduct to behave consistently with the brand’s ethos. Hiring staff based on shared values can build a strongly engaged corporate culture that instinctively does the right thing and earns trust from all stakeholders.

Mission statement:
Understand the brands constitutional mandate. Your brand can be based on a firm charter to remind its stakeholders that they are united by an ideology that will be measured by their behaviour. It’s essential to have a manifesto that is shared by the management team with no space for personal interpretation.

Be very clear what working for your brand offers that can’t be gained from your competitors. You may be operating in a crowded sector or category but you can differentiate a brand by attitude and ethos. The brand can make a strong proposition based on its values and sense of higher purpose and become the only choice for like-minded individuals.

A strong employer brand should ideally be the first organisation people think of when considering their career move. You may be first for a variety of reasons: fun, adventure, happiness or security. The aim is to take a leading position of differentiation ahead of your competitors.

Know who you are, what your organisation is passionate about and what it believes in. Brands cannot be all things, to all people, but they can earn trust and respect by behaving consistently. A brand’s personality is derived from its sense of purpose, vision and values. These qualities drive the brand’s behaviour and are expressed through its culture and performance.

Connect with your audience through a shared ethos and build a community built on mutual trust and respect. Deeper bonds of loyalty are earned when a brand understands and interacts honestly with its audience. Create experiences and activities that enable an organic word of mouth celebration of the brand from peer to peer.

In a competitive market, employees will take great care in how they invest their time and career. Is your brand making its presence felt through ethos, culture and values? Are you offering something more than just a salary?

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Speaker, author and branding guru, Paul Hitchens, will share his key insights into how your employer brands can be managed and enhanced at this workshop

Paul Hitchens is the Author of ‘Create the Perfect Brand’, a ‘Teach Yourself’ guidebook to branding. He has extensive experience in branding, including manufacturing and service brands. He has created and implemented many brands for new business ventures, start-ups and established organisations. Following a successful agency career that included an award-winning recruitment campaign at the PA Consulting Group and Automotive Branding at Wolf-Olins, he became a founding partner of the Brand Consultancy Verve Interactive Ltd.

Paul is a course director with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has lectured at The Henley Business School, presenting the brand module for the MSc in Strategic Marketing Leadership. He has contributed articles on branding to business journals including Management Today and Start Your Business Magazine and has been interviewed on both Television and Radio regarding brands.

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