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Innovation in Recruitment Conference

“All talent acquisition innovation must support the business objectives not be a ‘shiny new toy’ that we have decided is the latest ‘cool’ thing to try. “

We ‘re three weeks away from ‘Innovation in Recruitment Summit 2014‘ London event, looking forward to seeing organisations like Barclays, Ocado and Talk Talk discuss the ever evolving talent acquisition space. Having had experience in deploying technology and digital innovation in attracting, assessing, engaging talent, I am mindful that all talent acquisition innovation must support the business objectives not be a ‘shiny new toy’ that we have decided is the latest ‘cool’ thing to try. This conference should provide tips, tools and case studies for us to take back to our companies and there is a huge mix of sectors size speaking at the event which is refreshing to see.

Some of the tracks I’m looking forward to going to:

Mark Astley @Barclays – Video interviewing can be like Marmite. Recruitment functions love it or steer clear, given Barclays huge diversity agenda. It will be interesting to see how HR has encouraged its use, what the adoption has been like internally and internationally. This morning track should set the scene with mobile adoption moving past something we have all talked about ad relentless to something applicants & candidates ‘Expect &Demand’ in all their interactions.

Gemma Lockhart @Essence’ track on international recruitment should provide insights into how the tools recruiters use be the same regardless which countries you are hiring in but without local knowledge , the recruiter ability to source, attract and land candidates can be impossible .Hope to see some examples of where local knowledge has been critical in successful hires and lessons on how a ‘virtual ‘ team can operate successfully globally. In my experience, when international recruiters partner closely with international mobility teams, hiring moves at pace and with more agility, will be interesting to see how this has been structured at Essence .

Brian Parkin@Ocado – Candidate brand track will be hugely popular, with such an evocative , powerful brand name and consumer promise learning how the recruitment team have managed their volume hiring whilst focusing on creating a strong candidate experience will be fascinating. Hope Brian shares actual MI how to prove internally to the line and other stakeholder that the candidate experience matters especially in an environment that is seasonal, competitive and campaign led.

Mark Bertlan@Northgate HR director view on how social media adoption can be ‘scary’ for some HR stakeholders and this track’s focus on creating a business case then reporting results on your social recruitment should be required viewing for any organisation still viewing social media as an ‘add on; to recruitment. Bizarrely there are still UK companies where social media hasn’t been embraced internally so Lisa Jones @Barclaysmeade will provide a list of easy to use tools on how to measure your social media spend which is guaranteed to support any internal discussions .

I will be tweeting from the Innovation in Recruitment Summit 2014 all day so do come say ‘hello’ , would be great to hear what your take is on these and other tracks occurring.


Charu Malhotra has over 12 years of resourcing experience with organisations such as ‘BP’, Unilever and Vodafone. Working across RPO, Inhouse functions and search has provided her with expertise in creating recruitment frameworks that are agile enough to be deployed across the globe, the last few years have seen an increased focus on digital projects including the deployment of Unilever social media talent acquisition strategy and the design of a new global career site to 35 countries .

Charu is an advocate of recruitment and recruiters moving out of silos , learning from communications, marketing and there for recruiter capability is of particular interest to her.
Currently deploying a new TA strategy and RPO model at Smith, she is on the hunt for her next role. Happy to talk about Global Employer Brand, Careers sites, recruiter training and digital initiatives so come and say hi .

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