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The 21st century desk is supposed to be the optimum workstation. With our turbo-powered computers, wireless mice and headphones, it seems we have it all. Yet so many of us seem to struggle to get through our daily workloads. So how can you improve your desk environment to boost your output?

With just a little bit of effort, it’s possible to tweak your desk into the production centre it promises to be. Keeping plants in the office has been shown to improve productivity by 15%. They lower stress levels and help you focus!

A more high-tech method of upping your game is using a gaming keyboard. It comes pre-marked with colourful, visual references to help you remember shortcuts. This is perfect for speeding up repetitive processes that clog up your everyday routine. Try using AutoHotkey to streamline the process for even faster keyboard commands.

We’ve gathered a dozen of these top productivity tips into our new infographic — it’s filled with simple ways you can adjust your work environment to get better work done each and every day.

You spend much of every week sitting at your desk, so it’s worth taking a little bit of time to adjust it to your needs! Try some of these ideas and watch your productivity positively soar.

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