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In recent years, the number of people starting apprentices has been overwhelming, and at the same time the breadth of apprenticeships available to school leavers has expanded rapidly. This has meant that the traditional view of apprenticeships has become outdated.

Here at Symposium we have an ideal training day for anyone who is looking to establish a new apprenticeship programme, scale up an existing programme or re-focus your programme for excellence.

The Excellence in Apprentice Recruitment training is perfect for directors or managers of HR, talent management, recruiting, learning and organisational development.

By the end of the course you will:

  1. Understand why innovation is so important and how it can be best supported
  2. Understand how HR can play a major role in making organisations more innovative
  3. Have considered a range of opportunities for making HR itself more innovative and how these could be applied to your own organisation
  4. Have planned how HR can become more innovative itself to support both business and HR innovation agendas within your organisation

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