Wonder woman is the top superhero for HR!

Delegates from our Innovation in Recruitment Summit tell ResourceBank about their toughest challenges, and the 'superpowers' they need to tackle them.


HR managers are looking for ways to be more effective in attracting talent as well as encapsulating and communicating the personality of their company as an employer.

Mike Ellingham from ResourceBank, sponsors of our recent Innovation in Recruitment Summit, gives their perspective on an action-packet day in Canary Wharf…

Attendees at Symposium’s ‘Innovation in Recruitment Summit’ on 18th September overwhelmingly selected Wonder Woman as the ‘superHeRo’ they would most want to spend a month-long assignment within their team addressing their key issues. Batman, Superman, Ironman and Wolverine trailed in her wake while the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman brought up the rear in the superHeRo stakes.  The theme was organised by event sponsor ResourceBank and attendees took away a lego model of their chosen superHeRo to have at their desks.

Why is Wonder Woman so popular? Originally a warrior princess of the Amazons, she is gifted with a wide range of superhuman powers, superior combat and battle skills. She possesses an arsenal of weapons, including the ‘lasso of truth’. She is a highly skilled warrior who knows how to spot an enemy’s weakness and exploit them using a formidable combination of her strength, speed, intelligence, beauty and weapons.  These superpowers clearly impressed the HR and recruitment professionals at the conference in Canary Wharf.

“The lasso of truth would definitely come in handy during employee engagement surveys and interviewing” said one resourcing manager. “I would just want her for her all-round super ability to multi-task and sort out all my outstanding projects” said another.

On a more serious note, ResourceBank asked attendees about the main challenges that they are currently facing. The top three were:

  1. Attracting top talent
  2. Employer branding and
  3. Recruitment efficiency

HR managers are looking for ways to be more effective in attracting talent as well as encapsulating and communicating the personality of their company as an employer. Many attendees identified with the presentation given by ResourceBank, Northgate Vehicle Hire and social media specialist and consultant Lisa Jones, which showed why social media is now an important part of the talent attraction strategy for the ResourceBank-operated resourcing team at Northgate. While Wonder Woman is unfortunately unavailable, ResourceBank and real-life super-specialist Lisa are now talking to a number of companies about bringing their employer brand to life and maximising the impact of all media channels to attract the best talent in 2015.