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We produce an exciting range of HR conferences on strategic HR and business leadership issues.  You can also buy presentations from past events and listen to some past event webinars.

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See our event calendar here or find out about our in house training courses here.  Read news about our training services here.

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Marcoms Conferences

Our new range of events targeting topic issues for marketing and communications leaders.

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Recordings from our conferences and training material on a selection of strategic people management issues.  Watch a free sample here and join our media partner HRreview’s free webinar programme here.

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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

We can help you solve your strategy and implementation issues using our team of HR experts.

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Forthcoming Conferences


Event and product announcements
Investigation Skills Training

Develop requirements for successful investigation model

Today’s businesses operate in a complex environment of markets, regulations and performance pressures.

Mission Critical HR Analytics

Add the HR analytics conference date to your diary

The Symposium production team are busy piecing together this year’s Mission Critical HR Analytics conference and we now have a date!

Expatriate Management Conference

Align your assignments with Eluned Wallace at ProGlobal 2016

Symposiums 8th annual International HR and Global Mobility Summit, on June 16th in London will cover practical assignment management.

People Planning

Develop an action plan for your HR measures and metrics

Measurement is an increasingly important aspect of HR professional capability.

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Thought leadership and management advice

Health performance indicators

We all know leaders have a responsibility to promote a working environment that eliminates preventable illnesses.


Lets treat people as assets rather than cost

Employee engagement, seeing people as an asset rather than a cost...


Supporting an employee in returning to work after leave due to mental health

Returning to work for an employee who has been suffering from mental health issues can be an extremely daunting and terrifying prospect.


Buzz word bingo

Jo Taylor discusses the importance people play in defining business success.


Download HRreview’s graduate special edition

Our media partner HRreview has launched their special edition in this week’s graduate recruitment focus week 2016.


Stakeholder soup

While taking in the insights and questions shared at Symposium’s Apprentice and School Leaver Conference in December, several themes began to emerge.


The one-minute break secret

So last time I promised to give you some ideas of how to prevent burnout and make sure your teams perform without crashing and burning.


Resolutions? Being resolute will do

Forget resolutions and focus on being resolute about learning.

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