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We produce a range of HR conferences on strategic HR and business leadership issues. You can also buy presentations from past events and listen to some past event webinars.

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See our events calendar or find out about our in house training courses. You can also get news about our training services.

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Recordings from our conferences and training material on a selection of strategic people management issues. Watch a free sample and join our media partner HRreview’s free webinar programme.

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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

We can help you solve your strategy and implementation issues using our team of HR experts.

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Event and product announcements

Employee Engagement 2017 – Chair announced

We are delighted to announce that Dr Amy Armstrong, Senior Faculty member in Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School will be chairing the 12th Annual Employee Engagement Summit.

More speakers in place for Graduate Recruitment and Development 2017

With just over six weeks to go until the highly anticipated annual Graduate Recruitment and Development conference, we are excited to reveal more speakers from prestigious brands including Dell, Google and Deloitte.

Chair announced for 10th Annual Graduate Recruitment and Development Forum

We are delighted to announce that Jane Campbell, Head of Student Careers at the University of Leeds will be leading this popular annual event.

First speakers announced for the 2017 Graduate Recruitment and Development Forum

As the end of the year draws closer, and calendars for 2017 are starting to be filled, we are delighted to announce three confirmed speakers for our 10th Annual Graduate Recruitment event on 23rd February.

Latest Blog Posts

Thought leadership and management advice

How to say no at work without feeling guilty

Ambitious people are hard workers. Whatever your talent, there is no substitute for knuckling down if you want to build a great career. But we all have limits, and taking on too much work can reduce the quality of what we do. How should you say no when your boss gives you a task too many?

How to make yourself work when you’re not feeling it

The hardest part of work is getting started. It’s never been easy — there’s something about human nature that makes many of us wait and wait for the ‘perfect moment’ to open that Word doc or switch on the phones. However, science has shown that today’s plugged-in workforce genuinely has a tougher challenge than our ancestors.

Dentists want office ‘cake culture’ to end in 2017

As many people return to work after the Christmas period, leading dentists are urging employees to cut down on the sharing of sweet treats in the office with an aim to reduce health problems.

Sex Discrimination – Even ‘Nasty’ women are 170 years away from economic equality with men

Gender stereotypes like the new 'Nasty Woman' buzzword belong in the dark ages and should have no place in modern day society. Girls’ schools invest a lot of time and effort in teaching girls how to be assertive, confident and resilient. Is this “nasty women” message one we really want to be giving our daughters, or re-enforcing to our sons?

‘Tis the Season to be Merry’ – Or is it?

Once again we are at that time of the year when thoughts turn to Christmas parties. For many this is an opportunity to socialise with friends and colleagues, and for employers to thank their staff and encourage employee integration.  

3 things to ask yourself about resilience

According to IBEC’s 2013 Management survey, stress was the predicted hot topic for the future of Learning and Development, with the solutions market expected to grow 27%.

Getting the gig – recruitment during uncertain times

As we move towards the New Year, when new budgets are being prepared and hiring processes are given a fresh lease of life, it is vital that we are vigilant about the way in which we recruit staff. It can be tempting to seek out familiar options during times of uncertainty, such as in wake of Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in America.

Accommodating religion in dress codes at work

The way we choose to look and dress is seen as a way of expressing our personalities and beliefs. In the UK we have a lot of freedom around what we can wear in public but the issue around workplace dress codes, specifically in reference to religious beliefs, remains a controversial and difficult area to navigate.

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