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Event and product announcements
Chair Neil Shah delivers his opening address to a packed room of delegates

Symposium hosts another successful wellbeing and stress conference

On 23rd November, we welcomed over 100 guests and speakers to the Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf, for the 11th Annual Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum.


Groundbreaking Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme at the Apprentices and School Leavers Conference 2016

With less than two weeks until the 3rd Annual Apprentices and School Leavers Conference, we are delighted to welcome Sara Duxbury from Fletchers Solicitors as one of our speakers.

Apprenticeships are undergoing a huge shift in 2017 - this conference aims to explore and overcome the obstacles that will be encountered.

Programme and speakers announced for the Apprentices and School Leavers Conference 2016

With only three weeks to go until the 3rd Annual Apprentices and School Leavers Conference at the Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf, we are delighted to announce Zeena Cala, Head of Employer Development at the Skills Funding Agency as Chair for the event - as well as a wealth of inspiring, thought leading speakers.


Celebrate National Stress Awareness Day with £50 off Wellbeing and Stress Forum tickets

To help you celebrate National Stress Awareness Day and tackle stress in your workplace, we are offering an exclusive £50 discount on tickets for the 11th Annual Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum on 23rd November.

Latest Blog Posts

Thought leadership and management advice

Getting the gig – recruitment during uncertain times

As we move towards the New Year, when new budgets are being prepared and hiring processes are given a fresh lease of life, it is vital that we are vigilant about the way in which we recruit staff. It can be tempting to seek out familiar options during times of uncertainty, such as in wake of Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in America.


Accommodating religion in dress codes at work

The way we choose to look and dress is seen as a way of expressing our personalities and beliefs. In the UK we have a lot of freedom around what we can wear in public but the issue around workplace dress codes, specifically in reference to religious beliefs, remains a controversial and difficult area to navigate.


Do women and men communicate differently during mediation?

This article looks at some of the different ways in which both genders communicate, explores whether these differences are apparent in a workplace mediation setting, and then examines what type of communication helps or hinders the success of mediation.


Why focusing on ‘health’ is just as important as ‘safety’

In light of National Stress Awareness day, operations director in the South Midlands at construction company Willmott Dixon, explores what companies can do to ensure staff wellbeing remains at a high.


Ten innovations that show the cutting edge of assessment

Today’s recruiters want their assessments to deliver four objectives: to differentiate their employer brand, to provide an engaging candidate experience, to deliver process efficiency and, most importantly, to provide robust and objective data about which candidates will thrive in the role and fit their culture.

Growing talent

How can you manage and grow your talent?

It’s your job to make sure your leaders and managers employ people whose talents fit your organisation and who can thrive there. And it’s your job to harness the talents of all individuals as appropriate, rather than a select few.


Embedding mindfulness into daily life

This month sees the highest number of google searches ever recorded for the term “Mindfulness.” Mindfulness remains a big deal, with the flurry of media attention continuing to grow year on year. However, despite this popularity how many of us really understand what it’s all about. And perhaps more importantly how to integrate it into our working life?


How can businesses ensure their approach to employee engagement is up to scratch?

Business leaders know far too well that an engaged workforce is likely to be more productive and invested in their company as a whole. In fact, according to recent research 70% of business leaders see a strong link between engagement and productivity.

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