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HR Conferences

We produce a range of HR conferences on strategic HR and business leadership issues. You can also buy presentations from past events and listen to some past event webinars.

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See our events calendar or find out about our in house training courses. You can also get news about our training services.

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Marcoms Conferences

Our new range of events targeting trending topics for marketing and communications leaders.

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Recordings from our conferences and training material on a selection of strategic people management issues. Watch a free sample and join our media partner HRreview’s free webinar programme.

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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

We can help you solve your strategy and implementation issues using our team of HR experts.

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Event and product announcements

Expert talent leaders announced to speak at Symposiums leading conference

In a fast-paced, commercially driven environment, HR leaders are facing many changes that make their work more and more challenging. Symposiums talent management and leadership conference will examine how employers are thinking differently about the topical issues.

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Date annouced for Talent Management and Leadership Development Summit

The Talent Management and Leadership Development Summit is designed to give you solutions to your biggest challenges when creating and enhancing a truly complex and robust HR strategy at your organisation.


Hear Shazam’s talent director reveal her secrets on September 22

Ruth Penfold, Director of Talent AcquisitionShazam will be one of the expert speakers at our Innovation in Recruitment Summit located in Kensington Close Hotel on the 22 September.


Strength in numbers – discover the potential of HR analytics

Unlocking the hidden potential of HR analytics – how can monitoring HR past and present help to shape a successful future?

Latest Blog Posts

Thought leadership and management advice

Is job sharing a good option for employers?

As working patterns have become more flexible, job sharing has increasingly become a viable option for employees and even employers.


Repairing the candidate experience

With our popular innovation in recruitment conference coming up this Thursday 22nd September, speaker Michael Lake from leading company L’Oreal’s HR department gives us his expert commentary on the recruitment experience.


Understanding internal communications and employee engagement

Since we live in a world where information flow is fast and furious, however much effort organisations put into communicating well, much of what’s conveyed is lost. The key is consistency and clarity of message, backed up with multi-channel distribution.


Why it’s time for payroll to get into analytics

Recent years have seen a rise in the adoption of analytical tools across HR.  Companies have started to see the strategic advantages of using these systems to make data driven decisions. What is acting as a further catalyst is that the latest generation of tools are so much easier to use than their predecessors, which were typically big and complex and required significant investment of time, money and technical know-how to get them to work well.


Are you a wellbeing leader or a laggard?

Wellbeing is here to stay. As busy HR execs you know it’s important. The business case is well cited and you are aware that some of your competitors are moving forward quicker than others. It’s something you’d like to spend more time on, but as ever divergent priorities pop up, and it’s a challenge to make it happen.


Accelerate how you work with digital signatures

The average HR department is awash with sensitive documentation – from employee contracts and disciplinary records to staff appraisals or personal information provided by potential candidates. Many of these documents require multiple signatures from numerous external and internal parties during their lifespan.


Bringing the HR Department out of the Shadows

All too often the HR department is viewed simply as a team of firefighters, just called upon to defuse a crisis and then retreating to the shadows of the supportive “back office”. Businesses are quickly realising why this is unsustainable. If they wish to balance the books, innovate and manage talent and productivity simultaneously, HR has a key role to play.


You shouldn’t need to pull a sickie to have a mental health day

Businesses need to stop penalizing employees when they legitimately take days off for the good of their mental health, and should even introduce ‘mental health home days’ to encourage loyalty, support and good communication in the workplace, according to cognitive psychologist and business neuroscientist, Dr Lynda Shaw.

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