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HR Conferences

We produce a range of HR conferences on strategic HR and business leadership issues. You can also buy presentations from past events and listen to some past event webinars.

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See our events calendar or find out about our in house training courses. You can also get news about our training services.

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Marcoms Conferences

Our new range of events targeting trending topics for marketing and communications leaders.

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Recordings from our conferences and training material on a selection of strategic people management issues. Watch a free sample and join our media partner HRreview’s free webinar programme.

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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

We can help you solve your strategy and implementation issues using our team of HR experts.

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Date annouced for Talent Management and Leadership Development Summit

In a fast-paced, commercially driven environment, HR leaders are facing many changes that make their work more and more challenging,...


Hear Shazam’s talent director reveal her secrets on September 22

Ruth Penfold, Director of Talent AcquisitionShazam will be one of the expert speakers at our Innovation in Recruitment Summit located in Kensington Close Hotel on the 22 September.


Strength in numbers – discover the potential of HR analytics

Unlocking the hidden potential of HR analytics – how can monitoring HR past and present help to shape a successful future?


ProGlobal International HR and Global mobility webinar now live

After the recent success of our ProGlobal Summit that took place in London last week, we are offering the full set of presentations via our online webinar.

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Thought leadership and management advice

Why you can’t ignore digital learning

Firstly, your learning provision should reflect the way that people want to learn. Knowledge is no longer restricted to a select few; it has become openly available and instantly accessible through hand-held devices.


The millennial movement – Planning for a new workforce

Office culture has changed considerably in recent years with a shift in lifestyles, rising expectations and a move in people’s needs and values all contributing to a significantly different workplace than ten or even five years ago.


How to handle a new era of co-working

Co-working, where different businesses work together in a shared office space, is growing in the UK at a rapid rate. By 2018 it is estimated that the number of members using co-working spaces globally will have reached one million.


Onboarding – A tactical solution or a vital means of engagement?

It’s all too common for HR professionals to get bogged-down with the administration around recruiting and onboarding new hires. So it’s hardly surprising when a new recruit sat behind a working computer with employee manual in hand is regarded as a job well done.



The relationship between health and employee performance

Having recently attended REBA’s Employee Wellness conference, it became clear that the concept of ‘employee health in the workplace’ has become far more sophisticated in recent years. Future-thinking strategies are increasingly being implemented by businesses in order to improve both the physical and mental health of staff.


The case for digitising and socialising HR

Talent has gone digital – even great-grandparents are Skyping, texting, tweeting and checking into Facebook. If the baby boomers and even the veterans are doing it why aren’t contemporary HR professionals? According to Cap Gemini, 75% of leaders in HR and talent management say their companies are behind the curve in the use of internal and social networking sites.


Keeping learning up to date with the Millennial generation

Delivering learning and development to young people in the workplace can be challenge – especially if those in charge pre-date the internet generation.


Can work-related stress work to your advantage?

This might sound surprising, but a certain amount of pressure at work can be a good thing.  Dr Lizzie Tuckey shares her tips on how to improve performance and mentally prepare you for challenges.

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