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We produce a range of HR conferences on strategic HR and business leadership issues. You can also buy presentations from past events and listen to some past event webinars.

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Our new range of events targeting trending topics for marketing and communications leaders.

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Recordings from our conferences and training material on a selection of strategic people management issues. Watch a free sample and join our media partner HRreview’s free webinar programme.

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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

We can help you solve your strategy and implementation issues using our team of HR experts.

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Event and product announcements
Neil Shah will chair 2016's Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum

New Chair announced for the the Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum 2016

Now in its 11th year, we are delighted to announce that this year's Workplace Wellbeing and Stress Forum will be chaired by leading stress management and wellbeing expert Neil Shah.


Leading conference presents expert health and wellbeing tips for HR professionals

The business case for managing the wellbeing of employees is irrefutable. Being seen as an organisation who values the safety, wellbeing and health improves the business brand as an employer of choice thus driving attraction, engagement, retention and productivity.


Transforming leadership development webinar to run in October

This leadership webinar will outline a new theory of leadership for the 21st century: the incomplete leader.


Expert talent leaders announced to speak at Symposiums leading conference

In a fast-paced, commercially driven environment, HR leaders are facing many changes that make their work more and more challenging. Symposiums talent management and leadership conference will examine how employers are thinking differently about the topical issues.

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Thought leadership and management advice
Growing talent

How can you manage and grow your talent?

It’s your job to make sure your leaders and managers employ people whose talents fit your organisation and who can thrive there. And it’s your job to harness the talents of all individuals as appropriate, rather than a select few.


Embedding mindfulness into daily life

This month sees the highest number of google searches ever recorded for the term “Mindfulness.” Mindfulness remains a big deal, with the flurry of media attention continuing to grow year on year. However, despite this popularity how many of us really understand what it’s all about. And perhaps more importantly how to integrate it into our working life?


How can businesses ensure their approach to employee engagement is up to scratch?

Business leaders know far too well that an engaged workforce is likely to be more productive and invested in their company as a whole. In fact, according to recent research 70% of business leaders see a strong link between engagement and productivity.


To what extent are your discussions with employees protected?

Off the record discussions or protected conversations have played a significant role in employer- employee exit negotiations, but not every conversation is automatically protected. To what extent can employers genuinely have an off the record discussion?


Is job sharing a good option for employers?

As working patterns have become more flexible, job sharing has increasingly become a viable option for employees and even employers.


Repairing the candidate experience

With our popular innovation in recruitment conference coming up this Thursday 22nd September, speaker Michael Lake from leading company L’Oreal’s HR department gives us his expert commentary on the recruitment experience.


Understanding internal communications and employee engagement

Since we live in a world where information flow is fast and furious, however much effort organisations put into communicating well, much of what’s conveyed is lost. The key is consistency and clarity of message, backed up with multi-channel distribution.


Why it’s time for payroll to get into analytics

Recent years have seen a rise in the adoption of analytical tools across HR.  Companies have started to see the strategic advantages of using these systems to make data driven decisions. What is acting as a further catalyst is that the latest generation of tools are so much easier to use than their predecessors, which were typically big and complex and required significant investment of time, money and technical know-how to get them to work well.

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